A systematic approach to career success

University graduates at Gröditzer Werkzeugstahl Burg GmbH

Whether you join us on a trainee programme or join us in a regular employment role, we will support your career development from day one. The Gröditzer Werkzeugstahl Burg GmbH offers you a host of opportunities to assume genuine responsibility straight away – and to continuously hone your skills.

Our employees are the basis for our success. That’s why we welcome anyone keen to experience and shape the world of work at GMH Gruppe. You can gain first-hand experience in our administrative, business or technical departments.

Student internships

Our Group companies welcome your contribution as an intern – and you will receive fair pay in line with your experience and qualifications. Wherever in the Group you pursue your internship, you will take an active part in projects associated with your studies – and can look forward to job satisfaction and teamwork. We strongly recommend applying in good time. Please note that applications for mandatory internships must include corresponding documentation from your university. 

Cooperative education programmes

Gain valuable experience from your first semester: some Group companies offer placements on dual study programmes that combine hands-on learning with academic studies – and lead to two forms of qualifications.

Student bursaries and cooperation with universities

The Georgsmarienhütte Steelworks Foundation (Stiftung Stahlwerk Georgsmarienhütte) was established to mark the 150th anniversary of Georgsmarienhütte GmbH. The foundation provides student bursaries, for example. In particular, these are used to support young people studying for degrees in technical subjects. Further information is available at www.stiftung-stahlwerk.de and from relevant universities, such as Clausthal University of Technology and Freiberg University of Mining and Technology. We already collaborate closely with these institutions, and are looking to expanding our partnerships with them.

Student theses

If you would like to improve your career prospects by writing your thesis or dissertation with us, you need to be enrolled at a university. Theses are normally completed in three to six months. We agree a starting date and duration with you in line with your university course requirements and regulations. You will be fully integrated into our day-to-day operations, assigned your own desk, and able to draw upon all the experience of GMH Gruppe. Ideal for you – and for an excellent degree grade.