What we offer: a new future

What we need: passionate people

The future is made of steel: the GMH Gruppe combines a proud and successful past with a bright future, across 20 member companies worldwide – SMB Schwermechanik GmbH being one of it. And to safeguard continued quality, innovation and growth, we need skilled and motivated employees.

The basis for our success

GMH Gruppe is a family-owned business, traditionally active in the steel industry, with a focus on forging and casting. It is a tradition we are happy and proud to continue. And to remain successful going forward, we need to recruit both fresh talent and seasoned professionals – for roles in production, engineering, innovation, and business administration.

Career opportunities

Are you already an experienced professional? Do you have a technical or business qualification? Or are you pursuing a dual study programme at university level with GMH Gruppe? Whatever the current stage of your career, we will support you and encourage your professional development from day one.