Responsibility is part of our corporate DNA

Employment, environment and climate protection at SMB

Responsibility for the climate and environment as well as concern for the safety and health of employees on a daily basis are firmly enshrined in the corporate conduct of GMH Gruppe - and this is also the case at SMB Schwermechanik GmbH as part of the Group alliance.

Work safety and health protection

SMB employees are the faces of our success. Their safety and health is always of utmost importance for us. Particularly as a manufacturing company, we need to improve our protection measures continuously, acting prophylactically by implementing regular inspections and controls, and training employees to be aware of potential risks involved in their work in order to fulfil our responsibility towards our employees. Our responsibility does not end at the plant gate - we provide many opportunities to promote the health of our employees: back training exercises, health days and ergonomic workplace inspections for example.

Efficient production to protect the climate

Concerning climate protection, we focus first and foremost on the efficiency of our production. Along the value chain we analyse and evaluate climate-relevant data such as energy consumption and, where necessary, find measures to further improve our energy efficiency. Regular training sessions for employees on energy questions are also part of our work. 

Saving resources, protecting the environment

SMB complies with globally recognised environmental protection requirements, also because we want to act along as environmentally lines as possible in all that we do - from purchasing to delivery. This includes preventing environmental pollution or reducing it to the greatest possible extent, as soon as possible