Successful optimisation of synergies

SMB Schwermechanik GmbH

SMB Schwermechanik GmbH specialises in the machining of large pieces, modules and components. High technological expertise, experienced employees, top precision machinery and close collaboration with customers as well as other GMH Gruppe companies enable us to produce to perfection.

Value added collaboration

A significant success factor for the quality of products supplied by SMB is the close collaboration with our customers. This enables us to develop the best solutions from casting and steel components on the basis of drawings and 3D models: medium-sized and large components such as valve and pump casings, shafts, axles and rollers, transmission housings, steel and welded constructions such as crane and bridge segments, sluice components and chassis frames. Customers from areas such as energy plant construction, the ship building industry, steel construction as well as general mechanical engineering and plant construction benefit from the combined expertise within GMH Gruppe. SMB Schwermechanik GmbH, together in particular with WSK in Wildau and SWG in Gröditz , provides top quality and efficient processes along the entire value chain, from the material to ready-to-install components.

Dimensional accuracy all along the way

Whether modules, pre-production or individual pieces, from intermediate shafts via tie rods and transmission housings to crane components : the decisive factors in finish machining of components are quality and maximum dimensional accuracy. Using precision machinery, experienced employees at SMB Schwermechanik GmbH turn, drill, mill and grind products which fulfil exact customer requirements. SMB's focuses on machine milling and drilling as well as turning and grinding of primarily medium-sized to heavy components in individual and small batch production.

Precision for many sectors

Products finished by SMB Schwermechanik GmbH are used in sectors such as energy and power station plant construction, valve construction, the oil and gas industry, vehicle construction, general mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, crane system construction as well as large welded steel construction. Irrespective of the geometry and size of the component, SMB can guarantee manufacturing tolerances of up to 0.02 mm - precision work at its finest, ensuing from a special combination of passion, expertise and optimal collaboration.